Here’s the 10 Most Popular Screenr Users

Just last week Screenr passed 20,000 followers on Twitter.  That’s about the entire population of the British Virgin Islands!  Screencasts have been made showing anything from a really funny unsubscribe page, a simulation of browsing on the iPad without Flash, to a countless number of tutorials. There are so many people making all sorts of Screencasts on Twitter we thought we would highlight the most popular Screenr users.

After tabulating the views, here is a list of the 10 most popular Screenr users!

  1. @NETTUTS (91,509 views) - @nettuts has posted 35 Screenr Screencasts showing quick web development tips.  Their screencasts are so awesome we have featured them multiple times on the Screenr homepage.

  2. @elearning (54,982 views) - David Anderson is an elearning designer and Community Manager for Articulate.  He has posted over 130 Screenr Screencasts on everything from quick PowerPoint design tips, to tips on spicing up your Screencasts.  One thing you will notice about David’s screencasts is they always have killer thumbnails.

  3. @tomkuhlmann (51,678 views) - The author of the award winning Rapid E-Learning Blog, Tom Kuhlmann comes in 3rd.  Tom has created 100 Screenr screencasts on a wide range of elearning related topics, and occasionally makes screencasts about Donkeys too :-). 

  4. @amymengel (46,196 views)  - Amy’s screencast of the fist-bump of two Georgia State troopers behind Steve Spurrier quickly went viral on Twitter/Screenr with over 45000 views coming from this screencast alone, quickly becoming the most seen screencast on Screenr.

  5. @nicksdjohnson (22,877 views) - Nick created a screencast showing how to use as a universal bootdisk and installer.  Not really sure why this has gotten so many views…maybe it is because he gives away a cookie at the end of the Screencast?

  6. @jeanettebrooks (19,376 views) - Jeanette is the other Community Manager for Articulate.  She has created over 120 Screenr screencasts for the community, including some cool screencasts on how to create a Star Wars text effect in PowerPoint.

  7. @robinsloan (18,531 views) - Twitter’s Robin Sloan posted a screencast of Tweet Visualization from NBC Olympics that received over 18,000 views.

  8. @englishraven (17,510 views) - Jason Renshaw is an English Teacher, writer online tutor and webmaster at, and the majority of his views come from screencasts on his TEFL Speaking Mentor Service screencasts.

  9. @mjepson(16,794 views) - Magnus Jepson is one of the Co-Founders of WooThemes, the popular Premium WordPress Theme company.  Most of his screencasts are tours of some of the WooThemes and some customization tips.

  10. @slhice(15,339 views) - Stephanie Harnett is an e-Learning Developer who recently had her iPhone/iPad PowerPoint screencast featured on The Unofficial Apple Weblog.  She has definitely come along with some killer screencasts lately, so I don’t think we are going to see her drop out of the top 10 any time soon.

Other honorable mentions include Articulate’s CEO and Screenr founder (11) GetAdam, and CEO of 6Theory Media (16) johnnydorama.

Screenr users have been making some seriously awesome screencasts lately.  It is going to be interesting to see how this list changes over the next couple months.

Got some theories on why the list falls the way it does?  Add your theories to the comments.

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