5 major new Screenr features and why they make Screenr even awesomer

What started as a side-project for Articulate has turned into a hugely popular service. More than a million people have enjoyed Screenr so far and today we launch five major new features that will open Screenr to an even wider audience. Check ‘em out:

Sign in with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more

Before today, you signed into Screenr with your Twitter account. That was great, but some users needed to sign in with other accounts. So now, you can sign into Screenr with a wide choice of accounts including: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn or Windows Live accounts. Just remember, once you choose an account to sign in with, you’ll need to sign in with the same account in the future. (So if you were already a Screenr user before today’s update, you’ll want to continue signing in with Twitter.)

Better screencast commenting

Previously, comments on Screenr were tied to your Twitter account and forced you to tweet your comments. Users told us they often wanted to make comments without tweeting them. Now, Screenr has bulit-in commenting so your comments stay just on Screenr. And don’t worry, there’s also a separate Tweet button if you still want to tweet your comments.

Improved mobile playback with iOS and Android support

We’ve had screencast playback on iOS devices like iPhones and iPads for a long time, and now we’ve added playback on Android-based devices too. With improved mobile support, now it’s even easier to watch screencasts on the go.

Smart screencast embedding with our universal player

We’ve got this cool new universal player that’s perfect for embedding. When you embed a screencast on your site or blog, the universal player intelligently plays the right kind of video for the device viewing it. For example, if someone views your site from a phone, the universal player will serve up a phone-optimized video. If they view your site from a desktop, the universal player plays a desktop-optimized video. Just use our new embed code and you’re all set.

Several user interface and workflow refinements

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference. So we’ve also improved several user interface items that make for a slicker and smoother experience. For example, now you can edit the title of one of your screencasts just by clicking the title. You can also edit your profile and avatar right on Screenr and don’t have to go to Twitter to do so. And finally, we’ve made it easier to browse long lists of screencasts with a cool feature called infinite scroll. Infinitely scroll lets you browse a long list of screencasts with no clicking, just scrolling. Give it a whirl on the public stream right now.

So that wraps up the new features in this Screenr release. We’ve loved using this version during testing and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Can’t wait to see what you do on the new Screenr.

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